Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm thinking of...

making a tutorial on simple hairstyles like this one:

As some girls getting into pin up and vintage just don't have any idea where to start, and i think that these hairstyles, paired with a lovely dress, are so easy to create, and I get so many compliments, and people asking me how long it takes me to do my hair!

Continuing on another topic, which is one that is troubling me lately. Is the topic of compliments:
I'm one of those girls who used to be labeled as "goth" or "emo" when I was a teen. I have constantly been criticized as to how I look, so it's very difficult for me to believe anybody when they say they like the way I look, I usually take it as being sarcastic, or mean, or spiteful. I also happen to constantly look like I'm grumpy.
So, when someone genuinely says that they think I look nice, I instantly think "Did they mean it?" And when I believe them, it's a rare thing that can lighten up my day.
However, since I went blonde, it's been painfully obvious the amount of compliments I receive. I can go into the city for a spot of shopping or a cup of coffee, and the average amount of compliments (genuine or no) is around five. Mostly from women. I do not ask for them, but after the fifth, it becomes rather tiring. Sometimes I'd like to shrivel up and pretend they didn't see me. Of course, I wouldn't change the way I look for anything, it makes me happy.
Obviously I don't take the compliments for granted; but somehow I get frustrated by it. But then, I would rather have people come up to me and be lovely to me, than to stare at me and to have me assume they are being rude.

What do you think about people who raise their opinion about your vintage dress? your pin curls? Would you want to be different to them, or would you want to blend in with the crowd?