Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vintage vs. Work

Hi all! I'm sorry I have not written a blog post in some time, I'm currently very poor, and haven't really purchased new clothes and therefore haven't really had much motivation for blogging. I've had a lot of icky personal things going on in my life, and I've been rather depressed. But onto the blog post!

If you know me at all, you know that I am studying to teach media in high schools, and whilst I'm at university, I get plenty of practice in schools and must act like a qualified teacher should. Ever since I started my course, I'd been worrying about not being able to look like 'myself' in schools because I wanted to be taken seriously by my supervising teachers. Looking and feeling good is important to me in a teaching environment, and believe it or not, what you wear does reflect on the kind of attitude the students give you.

 I know my classes used to judge my English teacher because she wore almost the same thing every day, and were put off by her "old" clothing. So my dilemma lately, is trying to work out how to combine my love of vintage, without looking "old" and (I know, sounds stupid) being "uncool" to the kids; because believe it or not, it makes a difference, and I put an emphasis on being able to communicate with my students at a slightly the same level as them. Unfortunately, I've not had much inspiration of ways of combining my clothing
 I have almost never worn vintage out on placements because I pretty much raided target one day because I remember that's what a lot of my teachers in high school wore; I came out with a couple of pairs of tailored pants, and several blouses, my future-mother in law bought me several adorable cardigans, and a tailored pencil-dress. Unfortunately, as I wear a lot of vintage and vintage inspired dresses, pants make me very uncomfortable, and I shall roll over and die before I wear jeans in public. I also wear my hair up in a french twist or a pony-tail (which is so mind-numbingly horrible I feel so sluggish doing it), which looks nice but doesn't frame my face nicely, but I find is quite nice for all the leaning over I have to do.

My question to my little bloggy readers, is this: How do I look lovely, (and feel lovely and therefore will be happier at work) whilst being comfortable, easy to move around in, and be acceptable for work all whilst using my love of vintage and vintage inspired clothing? I'd appreciate some feedback! And don't tell me I should be focusing on the teaching, I think I've got that covered ;)