Sunday, May 29, 2011

Retrostar $5 Warehouse Sale

Myself and my friend Katie ventured to Retrostar's Warehouse closing sale, as they were moving warehouses. We got up at five AM, getting to the sale at seven.
Extremely tired and wishing that death would come upon us, we joined the long line of hundreds of people waiting out the front to get in.
A lot of hopes were up, mostly amongst the indie kids looking for hideous floral dresses, as they piled into the small warehouse.
I was looking for nothing specific, but I did scrounge out a lovely pencil skirt, a polka dot shirt, a blue ruffle collared shirt, a completely 90's jacket/dress, a lovely baby blue 60's dress and a nice 60's checkered dress; which looks like a fifties dress, but it's obviously 60's thanks to the over-locked seams.

Here is a few of the nice items I bought:

Overall, if you're indie, looking for indie things, this sale wasn't for you. However there were a couple little gems if you looked hard enough, and weren't picky. I think a lot of people had high hopes for the sale, but to be truthful, they were just trying to get rid of the stuff that wasn't good enough for the store.
I was glad to get a bunch of clothes on the cheap though, makes for a happy girl!



  1. lovley things! For me its extremly hard to find real vintage items. I just try to be content with the few vintage pieces my grandma gave me and keep my eyes open for new ones. I dont know, maybe the women in germany have thrown all their vintage clothes away already, so that no one can save them ;D

  2. I find that with the current popularity of vintage over here (insert eyerolling here) that teenage girls are going out, picking up a vintage dress, and not letting us have them! it's easy to find 60's-90's stuff, but 40's-50's? Never unless you want to sell your soul!