Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Later Days

Hello all!
Recently I've been searching for something cheap and easy to use as a curl activator, and I'm telling you, I think I've found something for you budget vintage girls!

I've been looking for expensive things lately, and to be honest, it's only because I've been one of those ignorant hair product buyers, where the most expensive thing is very much the best. So I picked this up yesterday and tried a pin curl set by chucking a load of it in my spray-bottled wet hair:

THESE are the curl results, and pretty much, I think it's the best pin-curl set that I've ever brushed out. I hardly needed to brush to get rid of my frizz!
So I just had to get the camera out and take a few pictures.

Sometimes I wish my grandmother and my nana (whom is suffering through Alzheimers) were around to help me out. I'm not sure my nana would remember how she did her hair in the 40's now. But my grandmother, whom passed away a few years ago, probably would have talked my ears off about pin-curling. So you girls who have your elders around, use them as resources! I wish I had when mine could of helped me, but I was a goth (ha ha!). And my grandmother and nana were pretty good-looking ladies in their day!

These pictures are so precious to me, especially since I have lost my grandmother and grandfather (the groom). Aren't they the sweetest?

In other news, I'll be blogging about the Oscars fashion later, because as a film student, the Oscars are pretty much the biggest night of the year for me!


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