Friday, March 23, 2012

My Itty Bitty Middy! fact, it's a Middy plus.

I'm sure most of you know what the Middy haircut is; THE haircut worn in the 1940's, perfect for styling and the most versatile cut for the huge amount of different styles worn then. So thanks to the most knowledgeable of vintage gals who have the haircut, I discovered it and decided I wanted it.

Unfortunately, living in the heart of Melbourne has it's issues. I wasn't able to find a hairstylist who was able to understand my "look", knew what a Middy was, OR was able to translate this (very dated and slightly complicated for modern stylists) diagram.

I actually went into one hairstylist who told me that it was "okay" for me to have the look I had, and that he wasn't going to give me the middy, he was just going to give me an easy care cut for $30. I almost stormed out of there with the comments he was making to me, I was incredibly offended.

However, trawling through blogs I decided to look up any alternative hairdressers that Melbourne might have, thinking someone ANYONE in Melbourne must have been looking for a Middy. I mean, we aren't a small city.
Thank goodness for my new heroes, Wildilocks.

Wildilocks are an alternative hair salon that actually KNEW what a Middy was, and honestly, were the BEST experience getting my haircut I've ever had. Not only did the girl (I'm sorry sweetie I've forgotten your name) save my dead bleached hair (my ends were so beyond repair), she made sure that I knew exactly what she was going to do, how short it was going to be when it was curled, and she was genuinely concerned about how comfortable I was getting the cut. Not only was it an amazing experience, but she knew all about the Middy, and kept telling me all about it throughout the cutting.

So here is the middy straight; she styled it all lovely without curling it, because I told her I was going to pin curl it when I got home anyway, but then I left the salon in the wind and the rain and it kind of fell flat, so it looks rather messy:

Also messy, was my bad pin curl set, but you will get the idea of what it looks like when it's curled!

And here's the fantastic "U" shape, and how awesome it's going to look when I do a pageboy.

So if anybody is in Melbourne, I say head on over to Wildilocks, you will not be unhappy! Don't be dissapointed if your stylist won't do the Middy for you, I have hope you'll find someone who will. Just like I did (after months).

Miss Kay.


  1. Oh wow, it even looks good without styling! Congratulations on finding such a great hairdresser :) Btw, I love your lipstick shade in the styled pictures. May I ask what it is?

    1. It is Elizabeth Arden's Ceramide Plump Perfect lipstick in "Perfect Scarlet". My fiancé bought it for me for my birthday last year so I unfortunately cannot tell you how much it was. Thank you for your comment!

  2. Hello! I've just found you on one of my regular searches for middy-in-Melbourne info - gorgeous blog! I've been wanting to get a middy for AGES, but my current hairdresser already thinks I'm a bit nuts for pincurling etc, so I don't really want to ask him to it! I'm in Melbourne, so am thinking of giving Kat at Wildilocks a go; was wondering if you remember how much your cut was?

    1. Definitely do it! Unfortunately it isn't super cheap, as they charge by the hour, but it's TOTALLY worth it. I couldn't reccomend her more!!!

      Mine was about $75, with a bit of styling, and it took a couple of hours + oh and a wash too!

      Seriously so worth it. I think mine took a bit longer because I hadn't had a haircut in 6 months though, haha. :)

    2. Thank you! I booked today and am getting it cut tomorrow. Exciting! When I went in today and asked about it the ladies both clapped in excitement. Yay middy! Thanks heaps for the info, Miss Kay!

    3. You must let me know how you go dearie! Would love to see the result of it!

      Oh they love us vintage girls there. :) I'm due for a cut soon and will ask them about you! Haha.

    4. Oh, the whole experience was really great! I totally told them that you led me there and the same girl cut my hair (I can't remember her name either!) and she was great. It was kind of like getting my hair cut at a friend's house; really relaxing and casual. I got a modified middy cause my hair is real real thick and we didn't know how the shorter lengths would react, but I love it and will definitely go a little shorter next time. Having so much fun playing with it! I should post some pics but I haven't had a chance. I bought a vintage portable bonnet hair dryer the other day and am going to try it tonight. So excited! xx

  3. u look like a mother fuckin mother fucka