Tuesday, October 29, 2013

TS Dresses from Light in the Box

Hello lovely readers!

Recently I have purchased and made a lot of dresses! There appear to be sales just about everywhere, and I'm getting in on them.
A few weeks ago Pinupdoll Ashley Marie posted a link to Light In the Box, an online store kind of like eBay or Etsy, claiming she'd bought some dress really cheap. I'd never ordered from them before or even heard of them, so I was a little hesitant at first to buy, but darn, these dresses from TS Clothing are adorable, and very 50's inspired!
I ordered two at first, but once I got them (in about three working days mind you from Shanghai) I had to get more while they were still on sale!

All four of these dresses were bought under $45 AUD, and I am extremely happy with them:

TS Vintage Swing Dress

I bought this dress thinking it was going to go very well for me -
for some reason, I do not have a little black dress, and the only one I have is one I wore to my high school graduation YEARS ago and is now, a little bit short.
This dress nips in at the waist nicely, and has the most beautiful neck and backline. I must say, the zipper is a little sticky, but otherwise, it fits me like a glove. I added a belt, and it actually looked better with the dress in real life than it did in this photo!

It's wonderful and silky, and as a very short girl, it hits my knee well. I would suggest that if your bust is a little large, to go a size up, however if you are usually a size 8-10 Aus, you should probably go with an 8 - it goes for most of these dresses. Unfortunately for bigger girls, I hear these dresses only run small :(

TS Vintage Deep V Neck Swing Dress

This dress is divine, because I'm short, it's rather long on me, however it is perfect for the autumn weather. It's not too thin, it's actually rather heavy in the skirt, and it has sleeves, which always makes me happy. The bodice is stretchy, thank you boob gods, and the waist surprisingly doesn't show off many lumps or bumps as I expected.

TS Vintage Print Tea Dress

I've never owned a tea dress that I hadn't made myself, so to wear something and not have to worry about it every five seconds and check out the hem to make sure it was ironed straight was kind of a relief. It's just lovely. I'm still not sure about the purple neckline, what do you ladies and gents think?
Styling is super easy with this dress, and I can't wait for summer to heat up a bit more so I can wear it all the time! (We somehow still have our heater on?)

 Montague wanted to get in on the pictures!

 TS Chic Shoulder Sheath Dress

 This dress is divine. I love how 40's it looks, and how the length of the skirt is just perfect. I intend to wear it to work (teacher) and any kind of formal-ish evenings.
The colour isn't harsh, and it's just pulled in at all the right areas to give you a lovely silhouette.

Please excuse my lack of ironing. The shoulders poof quite wildly so my hair tip for this dress is to poof as much as possible. Unless you are undeniably good looking and therefore I just hate you.
It's the prefect office dress, and is wonderful enough to get away with in any weather.

So dear readers, I hope that you give this company a try! These dresses are all of good quality, I see no sneaky threads and they definitely don't look $16!
Go shopping!



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