Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fashion Week!

On Thursday, on behalf of Cointreau, one of my best friends, and definitely the most fabulous of all my friends, Liam, won a couple of VIP tickets sponsored by Cointreau to Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.
We spent a while in the VIP Sparkling Bar, where we sipped champagne, some amazing cocktail that tasted like honey, and my newest favorite to the Cointreau team, the Cointreau "Blush".

Liam had invited two other lovely friends Natali and Jay, and so the four of us, dressed to our best, headed off to the fourth fashion show of the week at 9: MSFW Designer Series.
Although I am, as you all know, a vintage advocate, I could find a few tailored and almost vintage inspired pieces, as that is of course the eye I have.
I am unable to get any good quality photos from the show of MSFW's flickr, but I can link you to them here.
My favorites were a lovely tailored suit- like combo in white and this amazing Jack London ensemble that was very 60's inspired.

I wore a beautiful tailored deep green dress from Quick Brown Fox, my brooch was from Diva which Phil turned from a hair comb to a brooch, and I wore, believe it or not, shoes from Rivers!

Here's a few very low quality, very blurry pictures of us; I honestly wanted a lovely picture of my outfit to show you, but these are all I got! :(

Thanks so much to Cointreau; my favorite drink for many years now!


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