Monday, June 04, 2012

Money, Money, Money!

Hello Ladies and Gents!

I'm fearing that my current blog posts aren't all that lovely lately, I've been so busy with university that I haven't had time to take some new photos of my new pin curls & hot sticks adventures. Hope you are all well!

Today I thought I'd write a blog post about my current situation as a university student. I'm currently out of a part-time job, (still looking people!) and I'm finding my funds for new things for myself have been rather scarce in the past year. The biggest thing I've bought lately was my fiance's birthday present, and a lovely jacket that keeps me warm through Australia's new found winter!

So I'm saving money, and I'm rather strict with it; beauty supplies are extremely cheap - I get given quite a bit of makeup from my best friends mother, whom I adore and gives me her samples. The only makeup I lash out and purchase is my Elizabeth Arden foundation; I do my own hair colour and only get a haircut occasionally, my clothes are usually from op-shops (thrift stores) or the occasional greedy purchase from somewhere cheap like Le Bomb Shop (which is still quite amazing!). I buy new shoes from Rivers , because they always have sales and always have a sort of vintagey vibe to them, and are EXTREMELY comfortable to my pigeon-toed feet.

So currently I'm ignoring any kind of purchases to do with clothing, and I'm feeling like I need some new clothes for a refreshing change! I'm unable to buy vintage online; the prices are just EXTREMELY high as they have been for the last few years, and reproductions are about the same. Now when I say expensive, I mean, I take expensive to a whole new land. My most expensive and guilt free purchase would be $50 (AUD) - and even then I ask myself whether it was worth it.

At the moment I'm in need of some 1930's-1940's repro trousers, and I've been looking at places like Heyday and Vivien of Holloway, however both are a bit out of my price range! I've tried places for wide legged pants but the hips are always a bit too low to my liking, considering I always tuck in my shirt.

So here I am searching for winter warmies, whilst also
looking for price!

Getting onto it, I'd like to talk about the price of vintage and vintage reproduction clothing. I'm aware that these guys need to make money, and some people who sell vintage make a living out of it, or the sellers of repro take the time to actually make the clothing themselves, and it all adds up to certain costs, and they do need to eventually make a profit at the end of the day. However, how is one supposed to enjoy themselves, and save money when they want to look a certain way?
I'm not about to sacrifice a few meals for clothes.

I always get told that it must cost a lot of money to look this way, and it IS; I could never understand people telling me that vintage is a very inexpensive thing to come across. I used to always use op-shops as a way of saving money for clothes, but now, it seems that the stores are trying to make as much money as possible to help people, rather than selling them affordable clothes and other things they might need.

With the rise in popularity in vintage clothes, vintage style clothes, and generally looking unique (nothing wrong with that!) I was hoping for some of the big chain stores like Target or K-Mart to catch onto the trend, and maybe make affordable options for us. But alas, it hasn't happened and I'm still sitting around waiting for some (very fussy) options for the stylish BUT poor girl.

Maybe I am not looking the right places, maybe I'm always looking for something specific so I'm not getting anywhere, but to me it feels like I'm cut right out of the vintage and vintage style market, I can't afford it so I'll never have it kind of thing.

I hope this post was slightly thought-provoking, and not too complainey!



  1. I hear you on the prices. They are the reason why I started to knit and sew my own stuff (althoug it also becomes harder to find patterns for a reasonable price). I can´t and don´t want to afford reproductions most of the time. I´ve been thinking about a pair of VoH-trousers, though. When it comes to real vintage I completely rely on flea markets and a hand full of thrift shops that don´t know the prices on the internet.

    1. Totally got you there!
      I live in a popular city, so everyone knows the internet prices and it's almost not worth leaving the house for it!

  2. Yes, vintage can be very expensive and repro even more so. I'm also on a strict student budget. I make a lot of my clothes (I always buy the fabric on clearance too so I can make vintage style dresses for under $10 each!) and buy cheap vintage. There is cheap vintage on Etsy but it takes a lot of looking and usually you have to be ok with a stain or a tear. Antique stores sometimes have cheap vintage as well. Not always but because the clothing doesn't sell as quickly it tends to be cheaper than online. Most of the dresses in my closet were (much) less than $20. It takes a LOT of time and effort but it is possible :)

  3. I'm studying too, Miss Kay and have been for what seems like forever (am at the end of my PhD). Sewing has really saved my life over the past 5 years, I must say. Although I don't have a lot of time to whip up new things at the moment, I can usually give up an afternoon or a couple of evenings if I really need a new pair of 40s trousers etc. I have noticed though that the price of vintage patterns (I have about 70) has gone up incredibly in the past couple of years. I think it will get to a point where I have to sell old ones to buy others. The thing that really kills me however is shoes: vintage are usually too narrow for my feet and all the new ones I like are out of my price range! I can't wait to be working.