Friday, June 15, 2012


My best friend Amy is producing a nice looking collection of photographs for her current folio, and asked me to come in to create a classic hollywood, 1940's-ish style of shoot.
I think they turned out okay if I don't say so myself! And I'm extremely proud of her skills in the photography area! (One more thing she can add to that growing list of amazing things she's amazing at!)

Hope you enjoy a few little sneak peaks; have a look at her Flickr if you are interested in taking a look at her other stuff, and if you're in Victoria, Australia, and interested in getting your picture taken, email me and I'll let her know!

Miss K.


  1. Wow! Stunning photos :)
    You look lovley, I really like your hair and make up!

    Liebe Grüße

  2. wonderful photos! look so vintage and glamorous!

    and, oh boy, i love your blog a lot, following you now!

    Stop Whispering

  3. Stunning photo's, you look wonderful! I'm also so happy that I have found your blog, it's great :) xxx